2019 Eliel Factory Team - Last Order of the Season!

2019 Eliel Factory Team - Last Order of the Season!

Welcome to the third 2019 Eliel Factory Team store! The Factory Team is an extension of our ELIEL family and a way for us to reach out and interact with the greater cycling community.

This team is not about being the best rider on the group rides or winning tons of races. This team is about camaraderie, settingĀ a great example, and taking care of their fellow riders on the road.

This will be our last order of the season with this design, and we have added new Diablo kits, in jerseys and bibs, as well as a great new T-shirt design. We expect this order to ship the second week of July to have you all squared away for summer. We also have the original team shirt available at 50% off.

If you have any questions about your order, please email orders@elielcycling.com to reach our customer service team. Additionally, there are no options for pickup. All orders will be shipped, and the shipping charges cannot be waived.

The store officially closes on May 17th, so get your orders in today!

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