Jessup Auto - WOMEN'S Diablo Jersey (Summer Jersey) - WHITE - #AEJE818-1



One of Northern California’s most legendary climbs is called Mt. Diablo. A frequent passage of the Tour of California and the local proving grounds for cyclist determined to test their fitness and resistance to gravity. A hot day ascending Mt. Diablo requires a jersey with particular details. The Diablo Jersey is built on our race-fit platform and incorporates a unique blend of specific fabrics best suited for high heat, hot sun and weight conscious athletes. Most notable is the open mesh chest panel, providing incredible ventilation and breathability.

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I assume that other manufacturers are still in business only because not everybody has had the joy of wearing Eliel (yet). My requirements for being on a racing team are now defined by whether or not Eliel makes their kits. I am riding a lot more these days, because I don't want to take the kit off. And if any of this is unclear...."LOVE LOVE LOVE"

- Angela Patterson