About us

Ryan Cady


In 2013, Ryan Cady and Derek Wiback, former collegiate racers and cycling industry veterans, began searching for a challenging and creative way to express our love of cycling, technology and entrepreneurship. We had many fun discussions about business opportunities, passion, and purpose.

Naturally, 'out of the box' opportunities we're not going to satisfy our need for adventure, and we began to concept a company that we wanted to work for, and could be proud of.

When it came time to naming the brand, we wanted something personal that had meaning. We discovered that most brands we liked we're named after the designer, so we chose Ryan's middle name, and Eliel was born. The name Eliel has its roots in Hebrew and loosely translates to 'the best of the best'. We thought it was fitting.

At Eliel, we’ve made it our mission to create the world’s most advanced, best fitting cycling gear right here in our beautiful state. We've put together a team of experts that know what the rider wants, and work relentlessly to deliver quality gear each and every time.

Our purpose is to make gear you truly love, provide great jobs locally, and do it all in the spirit of California. We hope you'll join us on this adventure.